Wallflowers Quilt-along, Week 2: Cutting

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Wallflowers quilt-along, week 2: Cut, cut, cut

Week 2 is here and it’s all about cutting! If you’ve got your pattern handy, make sure you read through it in its entirety before starting. (Always a good idea, right?)

Another thing I like to do before cutting in to my fabric is to check for pattern corrections with the designer. I’ve done that for all of us for the Wallflowers quilt and can happily tell you there are none. :-) Moving right along…

Wallflowers quilt-along with Bloomerie Fabrics, Garden Pop 1/3 yard bundle

So I’ve got my fabric, cutting mat, rulers, rotary cutter, and pattern. I’m ready!

For this quilt, I’ve decided not to pre-wash my fabric. I used to pre-wash everything — and you certainly can — but I like working with fabric that still has the sizing in it. My cuts are more accurate and the fabric is easier to work with, in my opinion. The only extra precaution I take since I’m not pre-washing is to use a color catcher when I wash my quilt the first couple of times. These color catchers magically catch extra color floating around in the water and prevents colors from bleeding all over. I’ve not had any issues with color bleeding since I’ve started using these.

And if you’re going to pre-wash your fabric, just make sure you aren’t using any that are exactly 42″ wide or smaller, since pre-washing those will shrink them to smaller than the 42″ width required by the pattern.

Wallflowers quilt-along with Bloomerie Fabrics

This is a pretty easy pattern to cut for. Squares, rectangles, and strips. For both the prints and solids used in the background and binding.

I used a few different rulers: my 6.5″ square, 10.5″ square, and a 6.5″ x 24.5″. Use what you have, though… and remember that old adage of ‘measure twice, cut once.’ :-)

Wallflowers quilt-along with bloomerie fabrics

Once you’re done with your cuts, you’ll end up with a nice little collection of scraps to use for a future project and a pretty pile of fabric fettuccine!

Tips for cutting success:

  1. Take breaks – I cut my print fabrics 1 day and came back a few days later to cut my solids.
  2. Measure twice, cut once – This is crucial, unless of course you’ve purchased or have lots of extra fabric in your stash.
  3. Fresh blade – Make sure you have a sharp blade in your rotary cutter. You’d be amazed at how much of a difference this can make in your accuracy.

Have you blogged about your progress on the Wallflowers quilt-along on your own blog? If so, leave your comments here with a link to your post so we can check in with you every week! You can also share your progress on Instagram, using #wallflowersqal to follow along and connect with others.

Remember, each picture tagged #wallflowersqal is an entry to win 1 of 3 prizes. In addition, your comments with updates on your progress are entries, too!

Don’t have a blog and don’t want to join us on Instagram? No problem! Email us a few pictures. Those count as entries, as well!

Wallflowers Quilt Along, Week 1: Gather Supplies

Week 1: Supplies   |   Week 2: Cutting   |   Week 3: Piecing/Assembling Quilt Top   |   Week 4: Piecing & Quilt Sandwich   |   Week 5: Quilting   |   Week 6: Binding & Sharing

Wallflowers quilt-along at Bloomerie Fabrics, week 1

Hello, quilt-alongers! It’s week 1 and we’re gathering all our supplies. For those who haven’t joined us yet — don’t fret! There is still more than enough time to get in and get started. (Come on, you know you want to! After all, there are prizes! And we all love a good prize, right?)

If you need your pattern, go get it here. We’re shipping these out as quick as we can (same or next day), and you can save 35% off the pattern right now with code QA-wallflowers. You can also buy the PDF version of this pattern from Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew. Allison was kind enough to extend the discount just for this quilt-along in her own shop. So if you’re an international customer, need the pattern lightning fast, or just prefer PDFs, go get it and get started!

We also have three bundles in the shop just for this quilt-along. These are great if you don’t have a lot in your stash, need help coordinating prints, or just plain like them! You can also shop your own fabric stashes and create your own bundle. The throw-size version of the pattern requires nine 1/3 yard prints and some of you probably already have that.

If you’re waiting on your pattern, here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need so you can go ahead and get started pulling fabrics:

  • Wallflowers quilt pattern (use code QA-wallflowers to save 35% off the pattern through Halloween)
  • 9 assorted 1/3 yard prints (non-directional prints are desirable, and we’ve assembled a few 1/3 yard bundles just for the quilt-along here)
  • 3 yards of white or background fabric
  • 4.5 yards backing fabric
  • .5 yard binding fabric
  • thread, batting, and all the other sewing essentials

I’ve got my bundle already. If you’re following along on Instagram @bloomeriefabrics or #wallflowersqal, you know it’s this one:

Garden Pop 1/3 yard bundle

Speaking of Instagram, be sure you use #wallflowersqal for all the pictures you share during the quilt-along. Each picture is an entry to win 1 of our fabulous prizes. You know, this one:

$125 Bloomerie Fabrics GC

or this one:

Cluck Cluck Sew patterns

We’ve also got a third prize, donated by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew. She’s giving away some of her patterns, as well!

So, come on! Join us! Invite your friends to quilt with us! The more the merrier! And won’t it be so neat to see all the different versions of the quilt once we’re all done?

And it will be equally great to have a quilt to gift someone with this Christmas. Without the stress of last-minute finishes and sleepless nights. :-)

***Quick Note: If you’re blogging about the quilt-along, be sure to share the links as comments to each week’s post. Those comments are your entries to win prizes. As are the photos shared using #wallflowersqal on Instagram. Each comment or photo is 1 entry.

Wallflowers Quilt Along

Wallflowers Quilt-Along with Bloomerie Fabrics

Day 1 of our Wallflowers quilt-along starts today! This quilt-along is timed perfectly for holiday gift-giving. (A finished quilt way before Christmas? Yes, please!) We’ll be checking in with you weekly to share our progress — and help guide and encourage you along the way, too!  You can make a throw-sized quilt along with us and be done before Thanksgiving! That’s one BIG holiday gift checkmark.

And did I mention that you could win $125 to spend at Bloomerie Fabrics?

$125 Bloomerie Fabrics GC

Or you could win this fabulous assortment of Cluck Cluck Sew quilt patterns?

Cluck Cluck Sew patterns

Just for quilting along with us and sharing your updates on your own blog or Instagram (use #wallflowersqal on IG)! Sounds fun, right? We hope you’ll join in!

Here’s how it’ll work:

Each week, we’ll post updates of our progress right here on the bloomerie blog and on Instagram (@bloomeriefabrics).  If you’re working along with us, we invite you to leave comments with links to your quilt-along blog posts or questions if you need a little help. If you don’t blog, you can also share your updates on Instagram, using #wallflowersqal, so we can see what everyone’s up to. We’ll break down the quilt-making process in to 6 bite-sized weeks. This will help us all stay focused and on track for a pre-Thanksgiving finish!

By November 22, we’ll be sharing our finished quilt. And we really hope you’ll be sharing your finished quilt with us, too! All those comments, blog posts or Instagram pictures will earn you 1 entry to win 1 of our fabulous prizes. (That’s right, winners will be selected at random! This isn’t a judging contest.)

Here’s a look at the schedule:

Week 1: Supplies

Week 2: Cutting

Week 3: Piecing/Assembling Quilt Top

Week 4: Piecing & Quilt Sandwich

Week 5: Quilting

Week 6: Binding & Sharing

So let’s get started! Week 1 is all about gathering our supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wallflowers quilt pattern (use code QA-wallflowers to save 35% off the pattern through Halloween)
  • 9 assorted 1/3 yard prints (non-directional prints are desirable, and we’ve assembled a few 1/3 yard bundles just for the quilt-along here)
  • 3 yards of white or background fabric
  • 4.5 yards backing fabric
  • .5 yard binding fabric
  • thread, batting, and all the other sewing essentials

So who’s in?

Join us for a Wallflowers Quilt Along

Happy weekend to you all! It’s a bit of a dreary one here and the Autumn weather is really starting to set in. As much as I prefer warmer temperatures, cooler weather does mean more time inside — and that inevitably means more time for quilting! :-)

Speaking of quilting… y’all were voting on something for us last week, right? Our Fall Quilt-Along quilt…

Do you know which quilt pattern was the top-vote getter? Can you tell by the title of the blog post? (Can’t sneak anything past you all, now can I?)

Wallflowers Quilt-Along with Bloomerie Fabrics

So, yes… it was Wallflowers! Are you excited? We sure are! In fact, we’re so excited and inspired by this quilt pattern that we put together 3 Bloomerie Bundles just for this quilt-along. Can you guess which one we’ll be using? Check back in tomorrow for all the details, including information on our prizes! (And if you want to get a head start, go get your pattern and fabric now! Enter code QA-wallflowers at checkout to save 35% off the pattern. Good till Halloween.)

And one more thing: If you’re wanting to put together your own custom bundle of 1/3 yard cuts for this pattern, along with background, binding and backing fabric, just send us an email with a list of which fabrics you want. We’ll set up a custom listing for you with the right amounts for it all.


Fall Quilt-Along

Vote for the Bloomerie Fall Quilt-Along

So we need your opinion about something…

We’re developing a fun, new quilt-along event in time for Christmas gift-giving, and our first order of biz is to pick the quilt pattern to sew along with you (yes, we’re going to work through it together). But, oh the choices! What to pick?

The quilt needs to be big enough to cuddle on the couch, really adorable (of course), and ready in time for the holidays!

We’ve narrowed it down to 6, but we just can’t decide! Please help us select a quilt pattern by letting us know which quilt you’d like to make. We’ll be starting the quilt-along later this month and will have prizes for participants. More details on that to come… but you can vote now below!