It’s a Jolly New sale!

Jolly New Sale at Bloomerie Fabrics

We’re knee-deep in the Christmas shopping season, but we’re taking a breather from cutting fabric and shipping out orders to let you in on a little secret… Now until Monday, December 8, you can save 20% off all 2014 collections with code JOLLYNEW. Even the brand spanking new stuff like Priory Square and Riding Hood.

That’s crazy, right?!?! (Shhh… don’t tell Mom I did it!) Get your shop on now before she finds out!

Wallflowers Quilt-Along winners

Wallflowers Quilt-Along Winners

It’s official: we’ve wrapped up the Wallflowers Quilt-Along! I had so much fun connecting with you guys on Instagram and sharing my progress, as well as seeing your progress. I also loved seeing how 1 quilt pattern can look so different depending on which fabrics were used (and a few of you added or altered the layout, which was really neat). We’ll definitely do that again in the near future!

Today, though, we’ve got 3 winners to announce. You all have been waiting so patiently! Drumroll please…

Grand Prize – $125 e-gift certificate to Bloomerie Fabrics – Congratulations to Karen (Run Sew Fun)!

2nd and 3rd place prizes – Cluck Cluck Sew pattern assortments – Congratulations to Jodie (Persimmon and Pear) and Cassandra (Down South Designs)!

To claim your prizes, please email us through our contact page here.

Thank you all so much for quilting along with me! I’ve only finished a quilt this quickly 1 other time in my life and I have you all to thank for it this time. You kept me motivated!!!

Wallflowers Quilt-Along Finale

It’s official: the Wallflowers quilt-along is now complete! How many of you have a finished quilt ready for sharing?

I do…and I hoping y’all do, too! Shall I share mine first?

Finished Wallflowers Quilt (pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew, available at Bloomerie Fabrics)

That’s my fancy posed picture. {Wink, wink. Why is photographing quilts so hard?}

Wallflower quilt top

And that there is my ‘I’m not so fancy and I should have better lighting’ picture.

Sorry for that.

Wallflowers quilt back

Here’s a little peek at my quilt back. I used the leftover triangle scraps from the quilt blocks and made these miniature half-square triangle (HST) blocks, which were then paired up with another HST block and pieced together. Looks like flying geese, right? I did an entire row of them and ran it completely across the quilt back. Looks pretty neat.

So how about you? Is your quilt done and ready for show-and-tell?

Oh please don’t be shy about sharing… We’ve got 3 lovely prizes for 3 of our quilt-along participants, so this is me dangling a carrot (or 3) in front of you, prodding you to finish and share. :-)

So, here is everyone’s last chance to earn your entry for prizes. There are 3 ways to enter:

  1. Share your picture(s) on Instagram, making sure you add #wallflowersqal in the caption.
  2. Leave a link to your blog post in the comments of this post if you’ve blogged about the quilt-along on your own site.
  3. If you don’t blog or aren’t on Instagram, please email a picture of your finished quilt top and back to made {at} You could also share it with us on our Facebook page.

If you’ve been sharing on Instagram these past 6 weeks, each of your tagged pictures also count. And for those who have shared links to blog posts in the comments section, those also count as entries. So get sharing if you haven’t already done so!

You have until Sunday, November 30, 2014, to get your entries in. After that, we’ll randomly select 3 winners and announce them here on the blog.

Do you remember our prizes? (Look below…)

$125 Bloomerie Fabrics GC

Cluck Cluck Sew patterns

One person will win a $125 gift certificate to Bloomerie Fabrics and 2 people will win their own assortment of Cluck Cluck Sew quilt patterns.  So let’s get sharing! Can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

Wallflowers Quilt-Along, Week 6: Binding & Sharing

Wallflowers Quilt-Along, Week 6

It’s the final week of our Wallflowers quilt-along, and as promised at the beginning, if you’ve followed along from week to week, you’ll have a finished Wallflowers quilt any day now! :-)

This week, we’ll put the final touches on our quilts by attaching the binding. And if you’re like me and love the crinkly look of a first-washed quilt, you’ll also be quick to {lovingly} toss your freshly bound quilt in the washing machine (gentle cycle) with a color catcher.

As linked to in a previous post here, if you need help figuring out how to bind your quilt, check out Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew’s guide here (available on her website). Alternatively, you can review my post on binding (used in a previous quilt tutorial) here. Below, I’m sharing pictures of the steps I take for how to join those loose binding tails so they blend in with the other bias seams in your binding.

How to bind a quilt


Machine stitch along the drawn grey line.


Fold the binding back over, align the joined strip along the quilt’s edge, and finish stitching the binding to the quilt top. Now you can begin attaching the binding to the back of the quilt.


Check back in next week, when I’ll reveal pics of my finished quilt! Don’t forget: if you’ve been blogging about your Wallflowers quilt, be sure to share a link to your post by leaving a comment with your link. And if you’re on Instagram, keep on using #wallflowersqal to tag each of your pictures. Each picture along with each of your blog posts that share your progress with the Wallflowers quilt-along count as entries to win 1 of our 3 prizes! The more entries you have, the better your chances!


Wallflowers Quilt-Along, Week 5: Quilting

Week 1: Supplies   |   Week 2: Cutting   |   Week 3: Layout & Piecing   |   Week 4: Piecing & Quilt Sandwich   |   Week 5: Quilting   |   Week 6: Binding & Sharing

Wallflowers Quilt-Along with Bloomerie Fabrics - Week 5: Quilting

Time is just flying by on our Wallflowers quilt-along, isn’t it? Can you believe that in just 2 more weeks, we’ll have finished quilts?! Most of my quilts usually take me months and months to make, with all the starts and stops — and of course, no accountability! It’s been an incredible experience for me to be able to share the process with others working on the same quilt as me. We’ve formed a little group over on Instagram and it’s so much fun to check in daily and see what every one else is working on and all the great fabrics we’ve all chosen to work with. I should do all my quilts like this from now on! You guys have helped me stay motivated — and that really is more than half the battle sometimes! (Anyone else have quilting ADD?)

This week, we’ll start (and hopefully finish) quilting. This can be a daunting task for many, but I think I’ve got a couple tips for those who are a little fearful of this step.


First off, I think it’s normal to be a little nervous about quilting. (Right? Or is it just me? Please tell me it’s not just me.) But all those nerves do me no good! Let me tell you what does me some good though: a little practice or warm-up lap before the big game. Find 2 decent-sized pieces of scrap fabric (something around 8″ x 8″ or more is fine — and don’t use any of your favorite fabrics) and a piece of leftover quilt batting. From this, we’ll make a mini quilt sandwich, and we’ll use the mini quilt sandwich to practice our quilting on. Just like I did in the image above (above right).

I do this practice lap any time I’m going to be free motion quilting. It helps me get the nerves out, steady my hand, and find my quilting groove. With free motion quilting, so much of it is muscle memory. This practice helps your hand identify the pattern and the movement. And since it’s just scrap fabric and batting, I’m not worried about making a wrong turn or having to rip out any stitches.

My second tip is to put in a fresh needle. Really. It’s so simple, but a fresh needle can make all the difference in the world.

What about you? Have any tips?


Don’t forget to share your progress pics from the quilt-along with us! Link to your blog or use #wallflowersqal on Instagram. If you don’t blog and you’re not on Instagram, you can always send us an email with your pictures! Really… we want to see what everyone is up to!